Have you ever watched Tyler Henry – Hollywood Medium scribble on a note book while giving a psychic reading?
Have you seen the movie Twilight, where Alice draws pictures from her prophetic visions?
If so, you might understand how I go about offering Soul Art Readings.

With your permission, I tune into your energy and begin to paint. An image will appear in my minds eye and I will speak about what I am seeing and feeling. These visions are messages for you, that come through the filter of me.
What I share with you is coming from a deeper, wiser, more connected you.


Because we get so caught up in how we think we should live, act, be and feel, we may neglect our own needs and disconnect from our own inner voice.

My Soul Art Readings are a chance to stop and listen to what is coming from within, through a visual dance of visions and metaphors.

What messages will you uncover from within yourself?

Soul Art Options

Mini Soul Art Reading in person or via online video chat. $50

Soul Art Reading in digital format plus written message. $75

Soul Art Reading including orignal artwork and written message. $255

A commissioned art piece created from your Soul Art Reading. $1155+ (contact me direct for negotiation)


“Such an insightful piece to receive. I keep re-reading the letter and letting it land but it’s captivated my chapter right now.”  ~  Clare

“Sarah’s art and channeled message was a gift to myself that allowed much self compassion and healing to occur. It was extremely accurate. I felt so seen and held.”
~ Kate

“It was very resonant with what I was experiencing most recently, so I felt completely connected to the message and the art. It offered me an invitation to turn inwards and truly listen to my own inner guidance as the artwork and message confirmed what I had been vaguely aware of my guidance arising. The message compelled me to listen more closely to myself.”
~ Lena

I have now received two Soul Art Readings from Sarah. For me, Sarah’s channeling has never come instantly so I didn’t connect with the image and message right away. I have found that they are more predictions and I only see them when I am in the thick of it or through the other side reflecting back. They have both felt super accurate and true. Highly recommend getting one! Love your work Sarah!!!”
~ Millie

“I opened up the picture before I opened up the message. As soon as I saw the picture, I had a few tears, and I didn’t know why. I just knew that that picture was speaking to me, was for me, was connected to me. The message was amazing. There was one line in particular that really, really served me, because it’s been playing around in the air. It’s something I could see, but I wasn’t really grabbing onto. It spoke to definite circumstances and experiences I am currently having. I needed to hear the permission from myself to allow.”

“So that little reinforcement, through your letter, was amazing and really received with love and gratitude. What a beautiful, beautiful gift that you are offering people in the world.
It absolutely shows people how special they are and so heart felt and meaningful.
I didn’t know that this was a possibility. I am so, so grateful.”
~ Erin

“Gosh I’m blown away. I literally have tears in my eyes. I looked at the picture first and saw the candle and I instantly knew that’s what she needs. She dims her light so much and I love how you interpreted it so perfectly. And I love the message.

I am so grateful for your beautiful words and your breathtaking talent. I love the picture so much and can’t wait to send it to her. Please never doubt yourself and keep going with your amazing incredible work. The world needs you, much love and appreciation.” ~ Ronja

“My reading was incredibly insightful and accurate. It really resonated with me by highlighting what I had been living and experiencing at that time in my life.

I found it to be a beautiful way of reinforcing that even though the journey at that time had been challenging, it was very worthwhile and inspired me to keep on working hard to continue pushing forward. It provided me with a great sense of reassurance, support and joy. (Whilst reading the words I found tears of joy and relief trickling down my face). I was able to have the image up on the wall supporting me every day, with only myself knowing it’s stunning interpretation.

Sarah you truly have amazing intuition and insight, along with the skill to provide messages in such a loving and beautiful manner. I am truly grateful that you are now sharing your amazing insight and skill with the world.”
~ Belinda

“It was confirmation of what I already knew but at the time it was done I was being hounded by old programming and very, very low energetically. It did trigger a memory though and I felt the image caused a final healing of sorts. I’d already begun to dismantle the wall…”

“…it pushed me to see I could either slide farther down into my old conversation of how unsafe the world is, which has always been so real, OR I could realize it’s just old programming.”

“The artwork met my expectations, although it was very uncomfortable to hear yet again at the time it was received.”
~ Nancy

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