Soul Art is your personal painted art piece with a message from your soul.
The intuitively, painted art acts as a medium for which your soul imparts wisdom and guidance on how life is showing up for you right now.

The sound of your voice generates images in my mind’s eye and is translated through watercolours on paper. As the painting evolves and takes form, so do the messages that come forth. These insights may come as a gentle nudge or an unexpected push. Either way, they are created to encourage more growth and expansion, by shifting from your head to your heart.

Why not book in for your own soul wisdom today, with a Soul Art piece and personal message of your very own?


“I opened up the picture before I opened up the message. As soon as I saw the picture, I had a few tears, and I didn’t know why. I just knew that that picture was speaking to me, was for me, was connected to me. The message was amazing. There was one line in particular that really, really served me, because it’s been playing around in the air. It’s something I could see, but I wasn’t really grabbing onto. It spoke to definite circumstances and experiences I am currently having. I needed to hear the permission from myself to allow.”

“So that little reinforcement, through your letter, was amazing and really received with love and gratitude. What a beautiful, beautiful gift that you are offering people in the world.
It absolutely shows people how special they are and so heart felt and meaningful.
I didn’t know that this was a possibility. I am so, so grateful.”  ~ Erin

“Just like to let you know that I do really connect with the cave bit and it seems to come up a bit. Being in a cave like environment is really significant, for me. You really have a strong connection to spirit and are highly intuitive, and interpret everything so beautifully, so thank you again.”  ~  Korinna

“It was confirmation of what I already knew but at the time it was done I was being hounded by old programming and very, very low energetically. It did trigger a memory though and I felt the image caused a final healing of sorts. I’d already begun to dismantle the wall…”


“…it pushed me to see I could either slide farther down into my old conversation of how unsafe the world is, which has always been so real, OR I could realize it’s just old programming.”

“The artwork met my expectations, although it was very uncomfortable to hear yet again at the time it was received.”  ~ Nancy

“It was very resonant with what I was experiencing most recently, so I felt completely connected to the message and the art. It offered me an invitation to turn inwards and truly listen to my own inner guidance as the artwork and message confirmed what I had been vaguely aware of my guidance arising. The message compelled me to listen more closely to myself.”


“This exceeded expectations.
So beautiful.”  
~  Lena

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