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Soul Wisdom Insights are intuitively painted art + messages from your subconscious.
These gifts of wisdom, help you navigate how life is showing up for you right now with guidance and wisdom from your soul.

The sound of your voice generates images in my mind’s eye and is translated through watercolours on paper. As the painting evolves and takes form, so do the messages that come forth. These insights may come as a gentle nudge or a push. Either way, they are created to encourage more growth and expansion by shifting from your head, to your heart

Why not book in for some soul wisdom today?

PLEASE READ before PURCHASE: You will receive a DIGITAL COPY of your hand painted artwork and the accompanying MESSAGE. All you have to do is ADD to CART and CHECKOUT. Note: Before proceeding, there are no refunds due to the energy exchange to create it.

After "Checkout", you will be prompted with an email with the steps to take to upload your voice message and portrait image of you.
Please allow 2-4 business days for Artwork and Message to be delivered. Note: If you require to have the artwork to be completed in a shorter time frame, this can be negotiated. Please email me at to ask.