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Soul Art is your personal, hand-painted art piece with a message from your Soul.

Have you ever watched Tyler Henry - Hollywood Medium scribble on a note book while giving a psychic reading?
Have you seen the movie Twilight, where Alice draws pictures from her prophetic visions?
If so, you might understand how I go about offering Soul Art Readings.

With your permission, I tune into your energy and begin to paint. An image will appear in my minds eye and I will speak about what I am seeing and feeling. These visions are messages for you, that come through the filter of me.
What I share with you is coming from a deeper, wiser, more connected you.

What messages will you uncover from within yourself?


Soul Art - Mini LIVE READING: $50 You will receive a LIVE reading either via video call or in person. If you are having the reading via video call, a DIGITAL COPY of your artwork will be sent via email. If you are attending in person, you may keep the original A4 piece. (In person readings are only available at festivals and markets)
Soul Art - DIGITAL: $75 You will receive a DIGITAL COPY of your artwork, which will be sent via email + extended written message.
Soul Art - ORIGINAL: $255 You will receive the original, hand painted artwork + extended written message.
(If you have more questions, please "CONTACT" me before you proceed.)

By purchasing a Soul Art Reading, you have READ and AGREE to the Terms and Disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I, Sarah Pirrottina, am an Intuitive Artist, Channel and Messenger. I will, to the best of my ability, deliver the messages from your Soul and Spirit Guides in artistic form, that is beneficial for you in this moment.

I am only a witness and facilitator to your own path of healing. All readings are for the benefit of you seeking out what is right for you. Please tune into what feels right for you and use this as a tool for your own exploration.


  • You must be able to share your Name and Photo of yourself prior to reading, or willing to attend a session live online.
  • Note - 12:00am = midnight, 12:00pm = noon.
    Appointments are on Australian Eastern Standard Time.
  • If you’ve made an appointment, please be respectful of time.
    Bookings of this nature, may not allow for any extra time.

After "Checkout", you will be prompted with an email with the next step to take, to upload a portrait image of you.
Please allow 2-4 business days for your Soul Art and Message to be delivered via email.
Note: If you require to have the artwork to be completed in a shorter time frame, this can be negotiated.
Please email me at to ask.