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Soul Art is your personal, hand-painted art piece with a message from your soul.
The intuitively painted art, imparts wisdom and guidance for now or in the near future.
As the painting evolves and takes form, so do the messages that come forth. These insights may come as a gentle nudge or an unexpected push.
Either way, they are created to encourage more growth and expansion, by shifting from your head to your heart.

Soul Art - Mini LIVE READING: $50 You will receive a LIVE reading either via video call or in person. If you are having the reading via video call, a DIGITAL COPY of your artwork will be sent via email. If you are attending in person, you may keep the original A4 piece.
Soul Art - DIGITAL: $75 You will receive a DIGITAL COPY of your artwork, which will be sent via email + extended message.
Soul Art - ORIGINAL: $255 You will receive the original, hand painted artwork + extended message.
(If you have more questions, please "CONTACT" me before you proceed.)

After "Checkout", you will be prompted with an email with the steps to take, to upload a portrait image of you.
Please allow 2-4 business days for your Soul Art and Message to be delivered via email.
Note: If you require to have the artwork to be completed in a shorter time frame, this can be negotiated.
Please email me at to ask.