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Opening Celebrations: 2nd April 2-4pm

Exhibition Runs: 29th March – 29th April



The faint sound of fluttering
In the ink of the night
Where shadows creep and loom
Nocturnal routines ignite

The moth holds the keys
To unlock bold transformation
Lean into the unknown
And follow your intuition

Seeker by the moonlight
Navigating the path ahead
Determination suppresses fear
By the doubts that we shed

Follow your instincts
And trust in the flow
Shedding light on the truth
Of what you already know

Insight has no boundaries
Stop hiding who you are
Your soul is here to guide you
You are a bright and shining star

~ Sarah Pirrottina


Listening to the waves roll in
And lap up on the shore
The moon beams trickle and fall
Into the ocean, out they pour

The waxing moon brings action
To the desires that have surfaced
Energised and ready
Put them into motion with earnest

The full moon so potent
With intensity and passion
Savour your fruits of labour
With thanks and satisfaction

Restore balance with the waning
Of the moon, by letting go
Release what no longer serves
Embrace what needs to grow

Whispers of the heart
Of what you came here for
Connect all the dots
It’s time to explore

Weaving in and out
The threads of life intertwined
In motion like a dance
The future undefined

What we have is now
In this moment to reflect
The love and the memories
And the hearts we collect

~ Sarah Pirrottina


The hustle and bustle
Of a busy outside world
Points in many directions
Expectations unfurled

As the roads lead inward
Calm transcends disarray
Thoughts become clearer
A revealed path on display

The path of the sovereign
An imperial shield upheld
Absolution from a prison
Of our own mind, dispelled

Claim back your energy
And power, divine
Express your true essence
Use this as a sign

Explore life abound
With refreshing candour
Remember your greatness
Bask in the splendour

~ Sarah Pirrottina


Alleviate the pain
Stored in the memory
Healing and restoring
A rejuvenation remedy

Guidance and Blessings
Generous in the offering
Moving through with grace
The gentle heart is softening

Pulsing energy flow
That emanates outward
That comes from within
The lifeforce empowered

Pledging allegiance
To the heart so loving
The ripple effects widen
Feel the vitality buzzing

Insight into life paths
Surrender to the fate
Of future potentials
The mysteries await

Beholden to the prophecies
Of the soul’s memoirs
The magic is here for you
It is written in the stars

~ Sarah Pirrottina


Emerging from the muddy waters
Of the underworld below
A beautiful revival occurs
As the petals begin to show

Strength and resilience
The lotus makes an entrance
A ray of sunlight is the key
To the path of transcendence

A rebirth is celebrated
Through the beauty of the bloom
Prosperity is the gift
With a hint of perfume

Integral and enlightened
Opening up to the sky
An offering of growth
Exhale with a sigh

Remember your grit and
The murmurs, you rise above
Grace is the only way
To the journey of love

~ Sarah Pirrottina


Majestic is the Sun
A glowing disk in the sky
Authority of our world
Precious life-force, whereby

It brings us warmth and light
To optimise our health
It stimulates our mind
And bodies for our wealth

For the sun is the provider
Our worldly power source
Sense of Self is symbolic
In its power and force

Sunbeams lift the spirits
It recharges the soul too
Optimism and inspiration
Permeate and renew

With a warmth in your heart
Feel the sun on your face
You’ve remembered your spark
And joyful sunny place

~ Sarah Pirrottina


Reverence at the threshold
The Hall of records is entrusted
Access to the Soul’s Akash
Permission to be consulted

The guardian grants access
Agreements have been made
The gateway swings open
The first step has been laid

Another step inward
Go deeper into the knowing
A library of memories
The past and future flowing

Make your inquiries
Request them with piety
Lean in and listen close
The answers come quietly

They are gentle as a whisper
But sturdy in their might
The confirmation you seek
Is part of your Soul’s birthright

Journey deep within
To the comforting stillness
Of the expansive void
Your soul is the witness

~ Sarah Pirrottina


Divine feminine, rise up and emerge
From the cocoon you once felt snug
Embrace the transformation
Like a loving maternal hug

Emerge to find a place of wonder
Cradle the self-love you are worthy
Work with the divine masculine
For clarity and balance that’s sturdy

Thank the cocoon that once sheltered you
Through the harsh and stormy weather
Begin to spread your wings my dear
They are becoming light as a feather

Allow your divine unfolding
Feel the pull it has on your heart
Feel the empowerment lift your wings
For the new path of love it charts

Soar high up above
See with awakening clarity
The worth you had was all along
Welcome the path to prosperity

~ Sarah Pirrottina