Frequency, energy and sound.

Frequency is an expression of energy.

We are all part of an ocean of energy; constantly moving and vibrating. Everything around us is vibrating at varying energy frequencies. The difference in our frequencies gives us the perception that we are all separated, but in Truth, it is quite the opposite. We are all connected.

The chairs we sit on, the teddies we hug, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the songs we sing, the rocks we climb, the animals we love, the food we eat, the people we interact with, the nature that surrounds us and the water that gives us life; all have their own vibrational frequency.

Even our thoughts and our words carry a vibrational frequency that has great potential to shape our world.


So what is frequency art?

I have the intuitive ability, to feel different energy frequencies through sound.
A visual dance of colours, shapes and patterns, infiltrate my mind, when I hear the many sounds of our world. When you speak to me, I hear the tone, the inflections, the breath, the flow and the pauses, as a pulsing work of art; moving and swaying, evolving and expanding. This is how I feel the energy of you.

Upon a little awakening of my own, I unearthed old patterns and limiting core beliefs, that I struggled with most of my life, leading to self-harm in my teens and lack of confidence in my twenties. I believed for a long time, that I didn’t feel important enough to be seen, or feel safe enough, out of my family bubble, to be heard.

I believe we need more positive interactions in this world, to help shape healthier mindsets of our young ones and more compassion for the ones that slip through the cracks to adulthood.

These frequency artworks shown above, called Essence artworks, act as a creative mirror; reflecting back the beautiful frequency of your heart. Because it’s important for you to know that I see you, I feel you and I hear you, for you are truly worth it.

Each Essence artwork is
$255 + postage.

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