Intuitive to emotion and sound, all my commissioned work is based on
listening to your heart through the
sound of your voice.

Each original piece comes with it’s own poetic story, translated what has come forth,
from the subconscious.

My intention is to honour your heart and the light you have, inside.


Heart Light

“…Open up your butterfly wings
To reveal your powerful light
Emerge with grace and playfulness
Celebrate with joy and delight

Symbol of strength and bravery
Two headdresses hold strong and true
Their light illuminates a message
Of kindenss, loyalty and love too…”

~ Sarah Pirrottina

I was immediately drawn to Sarah’s work when I stumbled across it. The colour, the stories, the enchantment. I knew I had to have her produce a piece for my newly renovated home.
And wow! The piece she produced for us was amazing! Her creative interpretation of ‘our story’ was spot on and just beautifully represented in her artwork. The colour, the process… our journey and story that unfolds in the piece. I just love looking at the painting everyday. It is our story and brings us such joy. Thank you Sarah…you are a creative genius. ~ Marija

Lost World

“…From the centre a soulful voice
Emanates and radiates outward
Blooming like a flower
Healing and empowered

Infinitely expanding
The love that feeds your soul
Bringing joy to the masses
This divine and blissful role…”

~ Sarah Pirrottina

One amazing artist whose essence and gift I adore and am blown away by is Sarah Pirrottina. She is able to tap into your consciousness by listening to your voice and she paints from that space. She experiences sound vibrations visually.
Her work is out of this world!!

In a commissioned piece she’s done for me – ‘Lost World’ – she has captured a dimension that is close to my heart; ‘Lost World’ is about Lumeria – an ancient city that was lost in our past… but interestingly when Sarah was painting from my voice/heart it unfolded as 5D Lumeria within the Inner Earth. In and around that time, I was made aware that there are amazing consciousnesses from the Inner Earth that were with me. ~ Philamae


“…The vines sway in the breeze
Soft and gentle
Like a kiss on the cheek
Sweet and sentimental

The nurturing Willow Tree
So tender and doting
With a warm hug so dear
Whimsical and floating …”

~ Sarah Pirrottina

I engaged with Sarah to mark a wedding anniversary and seeked something special.

What I got was exactly that, something very special, and the whole process was truly rewarding as it also involved my daughters.
Our painting now sits very proudly in our family room as a constant reminder of our family, in a colourful abstract form. ~ Owen



“…The Flames
Transform and renew
A passage from one state to another

Illusion of departure and goodbyes
Your heart knows she is here

For there are no goodbyes in Love …”

~ Sarah Pirrottina

I love the colours, not only do they suit and brighten our home, they are soft yet bright enough to invoke happy memories. The patterns are divine and was what captured my eye in the first place. What is most loved is the story behind the piece (Keepsake). The entire process was perfect, Sarah visiting our house to get a feel for our home and the space we live in, asking about our memories of my Nonna and then being able to incorporate this all together in a masterpiece. When Sarah showed me the work in progress, I burst into tears at how absolutely moving the piece was. I noticed all the subtle elements cleverly incorporated together but also noticed other important parts of my upbringing which I hadn’t discussed with Sarah. Down one side of the painting there are wheat sheafs, to me it immediately symbolized my childhood growing up on a wheat farm in the Mallee. I also looked into the symbol of a wheat sheaf and was blown away at how significant it was to my Nonna.

Sarah certainly has a unique gift and has been able to capture so much of, not only, my Nonna but also my heritage. ~ Paula

The Meeting Tree

“…The golden rope of trust
Swirls around the sturdy tree
And drapes over the roots
And glimmers in the breeze

It makes the journey inward where
It becomes so still and quiet
In between light and sound
The darkness, so silent

The place where source resides
Is the place of in between
The inhales and exhales
And the place of dreams…”

~ Sarah Pirrottina

Sarah is a gifted and talented intuitive artist and energy worker. With her canvas and palette, she intuitively listened to my voice in a recording and then masterfully created a one-of-a-kind beautiful piece of artwork packed with symbolism, color, and sacred geometry. There are 11 trees and 7 flowers. Both sacred numbers are important to me. Of the seven archetypes, I am a “keeper”. I have actually stepped through portals in my dream state. I am very connected to Gaia, being totally at peace in the woods. The pyramids represent ancient knowledge, like the Akash or ancient communication and power objects.
The artwork draws me deeper into my own imagination. I have only had it a short while and already every time I meditate with it, I am stirred to explore into hidden, unspoken stories from other times. It is inspiring
me now as I write my first novel, to step through a portal into the characters and feel into their experiences. Thank you. ~ Maria

Are you dreaming of having your own personal commission piece created just for you or in honour of someone special?