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My current body of work, “Deliverance”, explores the awakening process through the dark night of the soul. It encourages acknowledgement, of our own reflection in its entirety, and shines a light on the dark aspects of ourselves. It unravels and releases our karmic stories, like a collection of hidden books, from the library of our souls.

We experience a deliverance out of darkness, when the lies we tell ourselves dissolve and our protective walls around us crumble. We are left with the Truth of the light. We are left with the absolute truth of Love. ~ Sarah Pirrottina


In amongst the brush
And the sweeping vines
Symbols of gifts and offerings
Of feathers and coloured twine

An expression for the ancestors;
Who offer strength and endurance
Their bloodline we carry forth
With honour, love and reverence

Through the rainbow portal gateway
Comes wisdom and clarity
A gift of the third eye, open
Connects to spirit and familiarity

Their messages speak of Truth
Through the windows of the soul
Raining down like a waterfall
Awakening to a greater role

Allow the natural flow
To spill into the universe
Where dreams and realms collide
And re-form and intersperse

The Headdress adorned and vibrant
Offers a gentle cheerfulness
For the butterflies amidst their journey
Of change and metamorphosis

Before we learn to fly
We must first retreat within
And coax our shadow parts
To come out and embrace therein

The serpents slither through
The branches overhead
Let go and shed old skin
And resolve to move ahead

Use your internal compass
For discernment and awareness
Transform the energies that pulsate the earth
To create beauty in its entireness

Positioned high in the sky
A complete orb of illumination
Pulling in the tides
Of power and emotion

The intensity of the full moon
Offers wholeness and integrity
Find gratitude where you are
In a moment of honesty

For it is you that lives with you
The internal world you bestow
Be kind to yourself
Your ancestors encourage you so


The gardener battles the weeds
At the garden entrance
Allowing the beauty to unfold
Await patiently with temperance

The archway divides the space
Between the past and the present
Move forward through expansion
And follow the alluring scent

They’re almost ready to taste
Nearly ripe for the picking
The fruit is so bountiful
Anticipating the gifts unremitting

Follow the light of the moon
And it’s waning crescent shape
Falling back into alignment
Exhaling over the landscape

In perfect line of sight
The moth takes place of centre
It signifies emergence into
The dreamtime, you may enter

It dances around the flames
It guides you towards the light
Your authentic purpose revealed
Through the cloak of the night

Patterns disguised as eyes
Draws your attention to where it wants
To seek the divine Truth of life
And find balance in response

Two Ravens flank the garden
To the West and to the East
Black as the midnight sky
They are wise little beasts

Their presence, when near
Will guide you, safely through the fray
Granting you rite of passage
Purging old paradigms along the way

Lines blur between worlds
They bring messages from the void
New perspectives breeze in
Like the four winds you can’t avoid

Emerging from the lake
The pyramid stands tall
Amplifying the cosmic energies
Promoting healing for all

The waterfalls trickle down
Over the rock formation
Change is always constant
And growth the activation

The lake below the waterfall
Seemingly glowing and radiating light
It highlights the deep subconscious
Of inner knowing, your birthright

Self-contemplation, through its
Watery mirrored reflection
A chance for revelations
To broaden in new directions

Rise up out of the depths
And raise your confidence
As the twilight hours dwindle
Trust in the divine providence


Peering side to side
The leaves of changing colours
Personifies the mysteries
And the shifts to be uncovered

The trees, soft and silky
With beads draping around
Their endless decoration
Bares the sign of prayer abound

An eclipse of moths, dance around
In patterns of geometric delight
As the moonlight draws them in
From the darkness of the night

Softly bristled wings
With decoration to disguise
Use your discernment wisely
For illusions may mesmerize

Over the rock formation
The waterfalls cascade down
Activating growth and expansion
Leaving you open and spellbound

Radiating a gentle light
In the lake below the waterfall
It highlights the deep subconscious
Reveries emerge when night falls

Go inward to look outward
All is not as it seems
Use your intuition and trust yourself
You are awake in your dreams


On the edge of the woodland
The leaves gently sway
A gentle breeze blows in
Sweeping your troubles away

Soft lavender feathers
Bespeak grace and serenity
Their detail and their gentleness
Signals spiritual connectivity

The vines intertwining and
Regenerating so plentiful
Soft flora sprouting and flourishing
With kindness that’s dependable

Rainbow coloured spectrum
Portal gateways, a circle of twelve
Comes a welcoming activation
Through spiritual guidance, we delve.

Look up at the sky
Adore its vast expanse
Observe the twinkle of the lights
In a faded sky, enhanced

Positioned overhead
A complete orb of illumination
Powerful in its enchantment
And dynamic in its vibration

The intensity of the full moon
Offers a time to surrender
It leads you to your heart
In a moment calm and tender

Follow the quiet moments
They take you on a quest
To a place that is more authentic
Where your soul feels love and blessed


The Rainbow Goddess Iris
Messenger to the Celestial
She brings a bounty of compliments
And nurtures one’s potential

Her trinity of petals boost
Mind body and spirit connection
She is here to guide you on
The path of intuition

The snake gracefully travels over the earth
To awaken one’s release
Transform and venture into new lands
And cast away the old beliefs

A symbol of life and longevity
Change is always constant
New paths feel uneasy but
Growth is so important

The butterfly emerges from the cocoon
It lifts its wings to the sky
They are as light as a feather
Enough to soar up high

The light source from the sun
Illuminates and warms
Perspectives come from high above
Present and future takes on form

The eye, open for all to see
It is the mirror to the soul
It holds the universe and all its stories
Of now and from long ago

The tears of endless memories
Of mystery and inspiration
The water symbolizes wisdom
Life and the power of transition

The journey of the teardrop
Full of memories and love
Hold faith and trust to know
You are guided from above


The nurturing willow tree
Bends and sways in the breeze
Dancing with the feathered headdress
Gifted from the Pleiades

The sweet pink hydrangea
Filled with gratitude and love
The purple hints abundance
That you are worthy of

The hand outstretched for affection
And ready to deliver
The palm is ready and open
Power flowing like a river

The ripples continue on
Moving far and wide
Patterns of expansion
In the universal tide

Citronella brings hope to
Refresh a weary mind
Energize feelings and thoughts
Clarity and creativity combined

A message of good luck
With the moss so soft and lush
The snapdragons rise daintily
Their colour sweet like blush

The eyes softly close
As the sun drops low in the sky
A sign of trust and contentment
As a shooting star passes by

Make a wish and see
It all unfold in time
For that wish is granted
As the stars continue to shine


The grass spread out in front
Like a blanket of green tapestry
It is the colour of community,
Abundance and vitality

Little tufts of shrubbery
Lines the garden edges
It is the border that signifies
Where you place your pledges

Promise to lift yourself up
To the branches high above
With their vines and their weavings
To integrate with self-love

Her trinity of Iris petals
Boost spirit, body and mind
She is here to guide you
On a path to be aligned

The snake gracefully moves
And is alert to all her senses
A symbol of renewal and creativity
She’s open to new adventures

Positioned overhead
An orb of looking glass
Back from the future
We arrive to uplift en masse

There are worlds within worlds
Parallel lives that sometimes meet
The synchronicities unfold
A great awakening, we greet

Step forward to receive
All the gifts that life brings
The lows and the highs
And the love in between


The sun ablaze, so warm
It radiates with heat
It welcomes a revival of
A quickening heartbeat

The fire is ignited
Desires stir within
Our identities reveal
A governance built-in

The budding roses begin
To open in good time
The anticipation is building
For dreams to fulfill long-time

The geodes are so colourful
As they glimmer and shine
Revealing a hidden world of
Signs and elements divine

The threads of twine so bold
Wrapped around with ease
A vision of creativity
Mindfulness a reprieve

The wings spanning out
Reaching for each other
Embrace the comfort offered
With kindness re-discovered

Gather your momentum
For the skies are so blue
Unlimited is your power
For if you only knew


The sun blazes high
In the sky, so warm
A welcome break from the rain
And the heavy thunderstorms

Desires stir within
New beginnings are pleasing
Exploration and openness
To faith and believing

The journey brings us to
A totem standing tall
An ode to our lineage
An emblem to honour us all

The red checked pattern
Marks the start and the end
And the space in between
The reality we transcend

The colourful geode glimmers
The hard exterior cracked open
Revealing a hidden world of
Patience and beauty bespoken

The wings outstretched above
Spanning so very far
Stretching you to the limit
Beyond the northern star

The eagle brings resilience
To endure every difficulty
Be honest with yourself
The Truth shall set you free

The eagle eye of Topaz
A talisman of coloured blue
Delivers a focal point to clarity
And soothes the worries too

The threads of twine so bold and colourful
They’re wound and wrapped so tight
Marking the joy and blissful moments
Of our journey we shall write

The tigers adorn each side
Of the powerful totem carving
Embrace your wild curiosity
For humanity it is serving

Their golden eyes gleaming
From the sun’s rays overhead
It assists in bringing stability
And regeneration to strive ahead

Momentum to move forward
By our solar plexus generator
It feeds our direction and expression
Honour who you are; the creator

Looking beyond the pink salt plains
Where intuition is heightened
Altered states of consciousness
Bringing wisdom to the enlightened

The mountains in the distance
Ushers a sense of perseverance
Keeps you humble and inspired
With hope and self-assurance

Remember each junction
As a place to rest and deliberate
To evaluate the pilgrimage
And what the heart awaits

Believe in yourself
As all falls into place
Your destiny awaits
With harmony and grace

I hope you find a sense of hope, encouragement and love through my creative expression.

Enjoy and thank you!

~ Sarah Pirrottina