@The Space – Gallery + Workshops

Opening Night: 3rd February, 4-7pm

Exhibition Runs: 1st – 25th February


Looking at the elevation
From the ground beneath
Feelings of overwhelm
Stir adrenaline underneath

Choking down the worry
And the doubt and unease
Confronting the challenge
The body starts to seize

The ground is safe
Sturdy and secure
Why leave for the dizzy heights?
What is the allure?

Move beyond the limits
Of conditioning and restraint
Grab the branch to rise
And grab another, without complaint

For this is your unravelling
Of whom you thought you were
With each branch comes a revival
Of the spark you are searching for

There is a moment on your journey
When you pause to inhale
And take in your surroundings
Then let go on the exhale

Those branches that seemed daunting
Got you to this special place
To sit, admire and ponder on
Another world to embrace

Cascading down with tenderness
Feathery lilac in the breeze
Surrounded by a draping
Curtain of gentle leaves

A delicate blend of love,
Affection and trusting
Touches of pink kiss the leaves
Like an icing sugar dusting

Gifts from the ancestors
It’s time for graduation
Offerings of ornaments
Feathers and decoration

Always reaching for the light
Unrelenting growth to persevere
Vines drape around the trunk
Over the branches far and near

A tapestry of tendrils
And woven trinkets to delight
Mini cocoons of transformation
Promise of life to excite

Petite pods lacing the limbs
Budding with curious possibility
Blue flora, dainty and small
Supporting calm and tranquillity

Listen to her beating heart
Feel her magnificence abound
The green moss spreads across
And drapes down and around

Give thanks to the Central,
Earthly and Inner Sun
For the eternal flame we hold
In the all, and the all in the one

Soak up this gentle place
Please sit and stay a while
Honour your heart in this moment
For her expansion is worthwhile

~  Sarah Pirrottina