The Rainbow Goddess Iris
Messenger to the Celestial
She brings a bounty of compliments
And nurtures one’s potential

Her trinity of petals boost
Mind body and spirit connection
She is here to guide you on
The path of intuition

The snake gracefully travels over the earth
To awaken one’s release
Transform and venture into new lands
And cast away the old beliefs

A symbol of life and longevity
Change is always constant
New paths feel uneasy but
Growth is so important

The butterfly emerges from the cocoon
It lifts its wings to the sky
They are as light as a feather
Enough to soar up high

The light source from the sun
Illuminates and warms
Perspectives come from high above
Present and future takes on form

The eye, open for all to see
It is the mirror to the soul
It holds the universe and all its stories
Of now and from long ago

The tears of endless memories
Of mystery and inspiration
The water symbolizes wisdom
Life and the power of transition

The journey of the teardrop
Full of memories and love
Hold faith and trust to know
You are guided from above

~ Sarah Pirrottina