Hi, my name is Sarah Pirrottina.
I am an intuitive artist nestled in the thriving, creative community of Geelong, Victoria.

My journey started young
My creative passion ignited
Painting and drawing so
Freeing, calming and inviting

It was my place to be alone
In my thoughts and imagination
My place to escape the fear
Of uncomfortable situations

I remember a young girl
Tiptoeing in the shadows
Way too shy and self-conscious
She felt insignificant, I suppose

Her self-doubt cloaked her as
She compared herself to her peers
I heard her thoughts carry her downward
In a spiral of revulsion and tears

Painful beliefs of self-loathing
Led to self-harm in her teens
She thought she didn’t deserve
To be here at all, by any means

In these trying and lonely times
Her imagination was her haven
She thrived on getting lost
In her visions and fascinations

I know this young girl
I know her heart and passion
I know her intelligence and grit
And her gentle compassion

I know this because
Her ugly thoughts were mine
I know because of her heart…
Her darling heart is mine

She is me and I am her
We hold each other tenderly
I carried her pain all this time
But now the pain is just a memory

Some painful moments strike
Like a fierce bolt of lightning
They cut deep to the core
So cruel and shocking

Some painful moments blow in
Softly like a whisper
They seep into the subconscious
Subtle and sneaky by a whisker

They enter your subconscious
These moments make their mark
They infiltrate unknowingly
Until you lose your spark

Understanding that my world
Is my own reflection of me
The gifts I unravel now
Are from the challenges I’ve learnt to see

As a conduit between the ethereal
And the perceivable world around us
I have the ability to transform frequencies
Into art, and here I will discuss

Tuning in with your Soul
And the energy it carries
Bring images to my mind
Flowing in so dreamily

Each symbol and metaphor
That floats to the surface
My conscious mind gathers
The information in earnest

For what each message brings
Is from my heart to yours
The journey to your subconscious
Is what my creativity explores

I say this with much love
And with sincere delight
Your hearts need to be honored
And to share your inner light